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Not the biggest 8 years ago
I find it funny that you assclowns are commenting on his dick. Bad mouth it all you want. At least his is getting in a vagina while you sorry lot are wanking in a dark room. And she is smoking hot! My golly miss Molly, if my girl looked like that I'd never leave the bedroom
Stupidity on the comments. 8 years ago
First: who is she? Read the description below the title: This barely leage girlfriend AVA SPARXXX... gee wonder who. Second, the average penis size is 5.5". Stop with the "I'm huge" comments. If you were you would have a women instead of you looking up porn. Stop BSing people who don't care.
TheDemonSpawn 9 years ago
Wow a gorgeous girl.
Timothycapone.89 6 years ago
tee55 9 years ago
Stop using fake title to get people to watch the movie? There was no begging to be fuck in the ass.
Timothycapone.89 6 years ago
Omg wow
Havok 8 years ago
19yr boy stop lying you fag...only thing you have that is 7.5 inches is anal plug that you use on yourself haha
WTF 9 years ago
You might be the one with the tiny dick
If you squint a bit 8 years ago
that could be a young Karen Gillan
Think about that
Wtf?? Really? 9 years ago
You've never seen a small dick before, is it really that surprising...